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Welcome to Hospmen, the leading hotel advisory firm revolutionizing Australia’s hospitality industry. With an exceptional track record spanning over 20 years, our dedicated team crafts ingenious solutions that redefine success for hotel owners and operators.

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Hospmen consulting specializes in navigating the ever-changing hotel industry to help you find the perfect hotel model. We are always exploring new ideas and thinking boldly to align with your business goals. Our services cover everything from initial planning with creative vision and model selection to design and operational expertise aimed at reducing costs. Our seasoned team brings unmatched knowledge and skills to the forefront, developing innovative solutions that enhance GUEST experiences, boost OCCUPANCY rates, increase ADR (Average Daily Rate), and optimize operational COSTS.

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Every hotel site is unique and demands individualized solutions. At Hospmen, our foremost goal is to comprehend the distinct characteristics of your site and provide custom-tailored solutions that align with the specific needs of every developer we partner with. Leveraging our extensive industry expertise and cutting-edge technology, we elevate the design and management of your hotel investment to unprecedented levels of success.


Running a hotel means controlling margins. At Hospmen, our expert team of creative hoteliers, project managers and analysts collaborate closely to deliver exceptional outcomes for every project. Our 30+ years of experience gives us a deep understanding of our clients’ unique needs and aspirations, we provide comprehensive and professional services. Our innovative solutions and industry expertise enable new businesses and established hotel operators to depend on us to enhance design and profitability. From initial discussions to post-building management, we offer a wide range of consultancy services, including due diligence, modeling, planning, and execution. Our responsive and collaborative approach ensures successful outcomes tailored to our clients’ visions. 

Let us walk you through the steps and share with you how we can make your hospitality business a success.


Our Tech Products


During a hotel stay, guests need a reliable source to address their queries and concerns. However, the workload in hotel management makes it challenging for teams to meet these needs effectively. Traditionally, this involved staff manually handling information requests, which is inefficient in today’s fast-paced world. A modern solution is to replace front desk calls with a centralized system like e-Compendium, which presents all information in a digital diary. This approach enhances responsiveness and efficiency while reducing costs. According to a case study, implementing e-Compendium for room service requests has saved approximately $6000 a month in staff wages.


MakeUpMyRoom is an easy-to-use scheduling system that manages the operations of hotel housekeeping teams – designed by people who work in hotels! Hotel managers, front desk staff and housekeepers can now access all housekeeping tasks and team schedules on one centralized platform from anywhere in the world at any given time. This revolutionary software has built-in hotel filters and room status dashboards so you can easily organise and assign daily housekeeping tasks and see the status of every room, in real-time. By using MakeUpMyRoom, hotels can save thousands of dollars a year and reduce the amount of wasted time. Boost productivity, prioritise workloads and save time! Go Digital with MakeUpMyRoom.


OrangePass is a versatile tool designed for venues, offices, construction sites, warehouses, recreational facilities, and more. It stores the data of patrons and workers, providing a safety net for business owners needing to access contact information or signed permission forms. With OrangePass, businesses can upload venue-specific rules to a secure platform. Patrons are directed to enter their contact information and accept these rules upon entry. This data is then captured and stored, allowing businesses to access it anytime in the future. OrangePass ensures seamless management and enhanced safety for all involved.

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Incorporating a 40-story tower featuring both a five-star hotel and serviced apartments within the same building is a rare sight. Oakwood Premier Melbourne stands as Australia’s pioneering hybrid hotel, offering guests six floors of amenities within its podium. Hospmen takes pride in leading the charge on this innovative concept, overseeing the design and development of this unique investment for Yarra Hotel Group. Throughout the process, we remained committed to ensuring cost-efficiency and operational excellence.


From initial modelling to design, development, and now tailored operations for the Southbank location, Hospmen played a central role in crafting this 392-room hotel that operates seamlessly with just 60 staff members, a remarkable contrast to the typical requirement of 150 or more. These operational optimizations resulted in improved overall returns and a significant profit margin.


Even amidst the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Hospmen managed to surpass revenue targets significantly ahead of the usual three-year timeframe. Our out-of-the-box strategies, innovative technology implementation, and meticulous operational management played a pivotal role in this achievement. In Melbourne’s fiercely competitive hospitality sector, this project serves as a valuable blueprint for Yarra Hotel Group’s future investments. It is why we are actively engaged in shaping the future of Yarra Hotel Group through our continued collaboration.

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